Filming at Bolton Abbey

I've been sourcing costume for a short film by Design for Digital Media students Tom Harrison and Rory Martinez. We filmed at Bolton Abbey train station this week. Link


Im focusing on the delicate lines and stripes within my designs. I feel it helps the prints link to one and other and creates a more unified collection.

Ideas for final show

The draping and shapes of these dresses have given me some ideas for ways to hang my printed lengths in my final show. 

Pleats and Gathers

The loose pleats of this combination hang well. I think the silk bamboo is a good alternative to satin which can some times look to shiney. Direct screen printing on silk bamboo (dark print) and digital print on crepe de chine (purple).

Mixing fabrics.

Experiments for layouts and collages of fabric - including different weights of fabrics and varying techniques of fabric manipulation.

I'd very much appreciate these!

Pixels by patrick jean.

Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Discover more animation and arts videos.

Im sure sony will use this for their next ad campaign

bad badtz maru bib for theo!

I made this bib for my nephew theo.

Lennie's Birthday Card