I'm in love with these prints....

Hermione De Paula is the 'one to watch'! The prints are so delicate and feminine, yet the dark colour pallette gives them a less girly feel. I'M IN LOVE!

Married, Single, Other - ITV Drama

Episode 6 - Married, Single, Other.

I designed and produced this t shirt of an extreme close up of the character 'Lilly'. The script described the shirt as - 'her large, smiling eyes seem to read the words the paper'.

Back2Basics Deadbeat Poster

Poster designed by Sam Hodgson
Photograph by Katie Brown (me)

Dress Shapes continued

Pleats and folds create a geometric seam which distorts the print slightly. Only elements of the pattern are seen.
I feel that blocks of coloured fabric are a good way to introduce different shades to contrast with the prints.

fabric samples

More experimenting with my digitally printed samples. Pinning them to the model helps to realise my work in the market place and try out what fashion shapes they would be well suited to.

The Colour Purple

Direct dye - Silk Habotai and Wool Delaine.

3rd Year Work 2009 - A2 Samples

3rd Year Work 2010 - Structure and Flow

Digital print on silk with decrotive seams.

Current Work. 3rd year

Experimenting with pleats and ruffles...

Re-worked vintage dresses